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An authentic slice of Cornwall

Locally-sourced Delabole slate (sometimes referred to as ‘Rag’ Slate) is some of the most sought after in the world. It’s little surprise, given its remarkable character and effect it can add to your property when applied correctly.

Whether you are looking to replace your farmhouse roof or add a bit of character to an existing property we pride ourselves in having the knowledge and application to deliver Delabole slate roofing of the very highest standards.

Options include:
Traditional Delabole ‘Rag’ Slating
All forms of Delabole sized slating
Scantle slating

Stuart Wheeler Roofing Ltd has installed and repaired traditional slate roofs on properties across Cornwall. Take a look at our recently completed projects to see images from projects completed in Bodmin, St. Teath and Helland.

Facts about Delabole Slate

– All ‘rag’ slate comes from a single quarry in North Cornwall which is the oldest working slate quarry in England –
– The quarry is now almost 500 feet deep and over 1.5 miles around and was once the largest man-made hole in Europe –
– Delabole slate was first mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086 –
– Since then, 10 million tonnes of slate has been quarried from the one site –
– These days, the Delabole Slate Quarry is an Industrial Heritage site and a Cornish tourist attraction –
– Delabole slate is still split by hand by Cornish craftsmen whose skills have been handed down through the generations –
– … because of this, each slate is individual, giving it a unique aesthetic –
– The name Delabole means ‘leafy pit’ –

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